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About Vietnam Love Match

When launched, Vietnam Love Match is possibly the first fully curated relationship site.

Guests and Members' communications and behaviour will be lovingly curated; and no dishonest, manipulative, sleasy, or crude behaviour or communications will be tolerated.

Vietnam Love Match is only about helping and encouraging permanent loving relationships. It is not a ‘dating’ or ‘hook-up’ site, although ‘dates’ are obviously part of, and the start of, a loving relationship.

Importantly, instead of getting automated canned responses, if any response at all, and no actual real live support, and no actual contact details, you will find our Contact details prominently displayed, and you will always find active personal support by phone, message, or email, answered by our personally selected empathetic team of women.

Also, most importantly, the Personal Profile questions, and, the answer options, have been written by a world-expert in survey design and questions (working with AU Government for many years), with qualifications in Psychology.

So instead of hundreds of irrelevant (and/or very personal and intrusive) questions with stupid silly answer options, you will find highly relevant Profile questions, highly relevant to relationship issues and factors that are important for other potential partners can better understand you (and vice versa), with answer options that are sensible and logical.

Your answers, and the answers of every other Vietnam Love Match guest, to these questions will be matched by the best, most powerful, most relevant, most flexible, Profile Matching System (we hesitate to say PMS) available on any relationship or dating site in the world.

This will enable us to provide with a scored and weighted list of Matches that our Profile Matching System thinks could best suit you.

You must remember that these Profile Questions, and your answers, are NOT about looking ‘good’, at appearing to be so desirable, or such a ‘good’ person. Every person is different, and who every person wants as a perfect partner is different. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It is about finding your ‘perfect match’.

So honesty is definitely the best policy! There is absolutely NO point in attracting responses and matches based on deception, on answers that do not reflect who you really are and what you really want.

Then, a relationship ‘match’ will just be disappointing at best, and extremely hurtful at worst, if matches are not based on the truth, your truth. It doesn’t matter how well we design our Profile questions and matching if your answers are not about the true unvarnished real ‘you’, who you really are, and what you really need in a life-long partner.

It is also about being realistic and flexible in your ‘desires’. Have you not noticed how some people, especially women, friends, have this long list of the qualities they want in a partner – and then they fall madly in love with someone completely different!?

So don’t be too ‘prescriptive’ in who you want to be with! Be open, be flexible. After all, there is a reason you haven’t already found a life-long loving partner, and maybe part of that reason is that your expectations are set too ‘high’, too unattainable, and much too inflexible.

And, first, get to know who they are.

This same System is then used as the basis for you to search Profiles yourself, with your own individual Profile Search Criteria.

And critically, for this type of niche relationship site, everything will be translated for you. And not by the appalling Google Translate!!! But by other specialised translation software, which is then manually checked and corrected where there is a translation/meaning error.

Because how can you get to know each other if you can’t understand each other? Or, worse, misunderstand each other?

On this point, we make a special note. Do not, in any circumstances, trust Google Translate to translate even somewhat correctly from English to Vietnamese, or vice versa. In fact, you can pretty much count on the translation being wrong! And often wrong in a sigificant important way. Even single words can be wrong; but its habit of changing ‘I’ or ‘me’ to ‘you’ (and vice versa) is simply appalling – and of course if you think about it completely utterly changes the meaning of what was said or written.

We often wonder just how many potential relationships Google Translate has wrecked because of its complete indifference to accuracy.

At the very least, use the Google ‘Reverse Translate’ function to check what it actually says you are saying. I guarantee you will be shocked at the mistakes.

Vietnam Love Match has been created and is owned and managed by a Vietnamese and Australian couple who met (and subsequently married) on another relationship/dating site, having tried other various sites as well. So we know something about ‘dating’ sites and what is wrong is them, and what they should be.

Despite that ‘successful’ result, it was this experience on this site and others that gave us the motivation to create Vietnam Love Match. We were so unhappy, frustrated and annoyed , with the dysfunctional, impractical, illogical design, and functions, and those stupid Profile questions and their answer options, and the total lack of contact details and support, we wanted to do something much better, much more professional and functional, much more helpful and supportive, and much more careful about the people using the site, and their communications and behaviour.

Vietnam Love Match will also have library full of relationship (and dating) help and tips. For new relationships and for on-going permanent relationships.

Plus approved language translation aids, plus actual real translators.